I am Cyrus released in paperback

After the success of Alex Jovy’s novel I am Cyrus: The story of the real Prince of Persia released in November 2011, Garnet Publishing has now released the paperback and the ebook edition of this mesmerising history/adventure novel set in ancient Persia, when Cyrus the Great established the largest empire in the human history.

This stunning novel brings to life the enthralling world of Cyrus the Great, the leader of Ancient Persia – the world’s first great empire – and the life and times of Cyrus himself, a magnificent leader whose passion won the hearts of his subjects and of two extraordinary women –  the wildly beautiful warrior Roshan and the exquisite Cassadane. Cyrus’s vision, extraordinarily ahead of its time, of a society where religious tolerance could and should prevail inspired the foundation of his fabulous empire, yet he was ruthless in his conquests, as Ancient Lydia and the fabled city of Babylon – the richest city in the world – fell to him. The book features an emotional love story, as well as riveting battle scenes, and is written with an energy and passion that infuse every page. I am Cyrus brings the ancient history of Iran alive as few other novels do, and is full of action, passion, comedy, tragedy and inspiration, and its theme that true co-operation between people is only won through tolerance, is profoundly relevant to our own times. I am Cyrus is a story that has been close to the critically acclaimed director, Alexander Jovy‘s heart for many years, he recalls his father telling him about ancient Persia (today’s Iran) and the mysteries it holds. As Alex says: ‘I was fascinated even then how such an early civilization could have achieved so much and be so unknown to our modern world.’

You can read the first chapter, watch a video trailer on the book, and order here: http://garnetpublishing.co.uk/book/i-am-cyrus


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