Hanna Braun, the author of Weeds don’t Perish, passes away at age 84

Hanna Braun, the author of Weeds don't Perish, passes away at age 84

Hanna Braun, the author of Weeds don't Perish, passes away at age 84

Garnet Publishing regretfully announces that Hanna Braun, author of the recently published Weeds Don’t Perish: Memoirs of a Defiant Old Woman, passed away yesterday, Wednesday 16th November 2011, aged 84.

Hanna was a passionate woman, tirelessly campaigning for the causes she believed in. She was also extremely full of life: sharp, witty and bursting with anecdotal stories. Her enthusiasm was infectious, and I’m sure she could have filled another book given the chance.

But I also saw another side to Hanna; the self-deprecating side that constantly worried whether the book was good enough. She had high hopes from the beginning, but seemed surprised when people began to buy it, and even more astonished that it was so well received. In her last email to me on Saturday, she quoted Shakespeare – ‘is everybody mad?’ – at the fact that her book had a 5 star rating on Amazon.

She would often talk of her family, and obviously loved them very dearly. Her grandson in particular was extremely helpful in ensuring the book saw light, and spent a long time going through proofs with Hanna. Our thoughts are with them all at this difficult time.

We are extremely proud of Weeds Don’t Perish here at Garnet. It was a privilege to work with such a fascinating woman and we are honoured to think that, in some small way, we have helped to preserve her stories for future generations.

We have tried to celebrate her life in a short video clip here.

Listen to Hanna’s last interview about her memoir, Weeds don’t Perish, on Radio Free Brighton here.

Marie Hanson and the rest of Garnet Publishing team

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2 comments on “Hanna Braun, the author of Weeds don’t Perish, passes away at age 84

  1. RIP dear Hanna.
    Many people around the world have paid tribute since hearing the sad news – it seems she had, as was said of Edward Said, just a few thousand closest friends – and, like everyone else, I consider it an honour to have known and learnt from such a remarkable woman. I have said RIP, but in my mind’s ear I hear her voice amongst the chorus of countless demonstrations for freedom for Palestine: ‘no justice = no peace!’ I will always miss her, but know her defiant spirit will live on wherever people come together in solidarity for human rights and liberation.

  2. We were saddened to hear of Hanna’s passing. Our sense of loss is tempered by a feeling of gratitude that we had the privilege of knowing such a warm and passionate person. Her values were universal human values, and in short supply. Her’s was a truly good life, in the deepest sense. Petra, Denis and I will miss her sorely.

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